Can you die from fibromyalgia?

“Can you die from fibromyalgia?” It’s a question that a lot of Fibro – sufferers have probably asked when they were first diagnosed. And Fibromyalgia is a painful, chronic disease can sometimes feel like you could die . But in reality, you can die of fibromyalgia?

Can you die from fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is not even life-threatening. This can be hard to believe, given how badly it makes you feel. But the truth is that the symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as muscle pain and fatigue , you’re not going to kill.

The real danger of fibromyalgia is the fact that it is so often associated in patients with, serious depression . The constant pain and fatigue, along with the feeling that you do not get support from friends or doctors, you can feel like life is not worth living.

That’s part of why the suicide rate among fibromyalgia – patients than in the general population. And while none of their fibromyalgia dies directly, many people with fibromyalgia have taken their own lives .

So you can die of fibromyalgia? In a sense, yes.

How to cope with depression of fibromyalgia

The important thing to remember when dealing with depression that suicide is never a good choice. People with depression or chronic pain often feel like suicide put an end to their pain, but the reality is that suicide can not get rid gets pain, it is only the people who care about you.

And the truth is that during the fibromyalgia is not curable, there are ways to better manage your pain . And new treatments and therapies are invented every day . It is quite possible that you will one day find a treatment that works for your fibromyalgia. But only if you’re still alive.

Remember that it is important to find someone to you talk about your feelings. And there are many professionals who can offer you an effective help for chronic depression.

But if someone you love fibromyalgia, be on the lookout for signs that they form suicidal thoughts. Talk of suicide is the most obvious sign. But when they begin to reach out to other people that they have to (adopt) not spoken in a long time, or if they make arrangements for death or when they begin to reckless behavior like drinking or drugs intervenes, then there is a chance they are suicidal.

In this situation, make sure you talk to them about their feelings. And they get help when they need it. Someone who is suicidal, will be unlikely to seek help on their own. Many people with severe depression feel that there is no point.

Remember that fibromyalgia is a manageable disease. And that the real danger is to take their own lives a fibromyalgia sufferer. So be vigilant and proactive about depression as you would any other fibromyalgia symptom to manage.

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