Fibromyalgia also called “invisible disability”

Evil everywhere and all the time … A permanent fatigue, intense suffering.
so you have to move, slowly at first, to be less sensitive to pain and regain his movements within tolerable conditions.
Poor sleep, significant fatigue, anxiety-depressive temperament, a disorder of the perception of pain.
An abnormality of the sensitivity control by the nervous system.
Sleep disorders can also take different forms apnea, insomnia, excessive dreaming, restless legs, teeth grinding. Sleep is not restorative.
These three symptoms may be associated with: headaches, digestive disorders (irritable bowel syndrome), urinary disorders, gynecological disorders, hypersensitivity to noise, odors, light, temperature (syndrome irritability at all), memory loss, itching, dry eyes, mouth, skin, as well as anxiety and depression.
Neurological disease
Researchers from Massachusetts (USA) have discovered a new element to better understand the disease. Their study was conducted on 27 patients and 30 healthy people.
The researchers found that half of fibromyalgia patients had damaged nerve fibers in the legs.
Furthermore, these patients also had other symptoms related to polyneuropathy small nerve fibers. (PNPF), a neurological disease already known especially in diabetics.
This disease causes neuropathic pain, that is to say, burning, stinging or tingling and a allodynia that causes pain caused by simply touching the skin.
Fibromyalgia causes symptoms similar to polyneuropathy small nerve fibers. (PNPF) which is a disease recognized by the scientific and medical world.
Among the volunteer patients, 13 people showed signs of polyneuropathy of the small nerve fibers but none had diabetes while in healthy people, none showed signs of PNPF. However, one patient in two had an immune system dysfunction.
Homeopathy help reduce fibromyalgia symptoms: fatigue, pain and anxiety seem fine heal through homeopathy.
Hydrotherapy also would work on fibromyalgia.
Relaxation therapy is best known to reduce the effects of stress. : Dynamic relaxation from the East, which includes exercises borrowed from yoga and zen, and mental relaxation, which requires a working visualization and Mental suggestion.
Biofeedback, part of the mind-body approaches, would reduce the pain associated with fibromyalgia. We are interested in the link between emotions and the patient’s body and give him control over the latter, the close link between the mind and the body is believed to be the cause of fibromyalgia.
You can take painkillers, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety drugs, antiepileptics, which are low doses of painkillers or patients can be sent to sleep centers.
Relaxation, a rehabilitation effort that allows a resumption of physical activity, mild heating, physical exercises … For the person regain confidence.
Walking and water exercises, massage, acupuncture, hypnosis.
Transcranial magnetic stimulation unit of brain activity to decrease sensitivity to pain: We apply a magnetic field on the surface of the head.
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