La fibromyalgie est pas la fin de vie

It is never good to say  “my illness is worse than yours”  or  “I feel worse than you” , because for everyone, their illness is their personal ordeal. In the case of those suffering from fibromyalgia, whether  primary or secondary, mild, moderate or severe , the symptoms for each person may become intolerable, because when it comes to chronic pain, the  pain scale is subjective, since the threshold of tolerance to the pain is particular of each person. Therefore, a person with mild or moderate fibromyalgia may feel that they are dying of pain, as much or more than a person with severe fibromyalgia. It is important to have these clear concepts, and although we are sure that some cases can be more serious than others, never to make comparisons between our discomforts and the discomforts of others, because this could help you feel worse with justification, but it does not help feel the other person better.
Primary fibromyalgia is one that presents itself, while secondary fibromyalgia is one that accompanies another disease, usually of the autoimmune type or chronic pain. It seems evident that the second case sounds worse, since there is discomfort and pain coming from 2 or 3 different conditions, which imposes greater stress on our body and our psyche. But, again, everything is subjective. For example, a person with mild to moderate primary fibromyalgia  with a highly stressful job and who has to work daily more than the usual 8 hours may feel worse or worse than a person with  severe secondary fibromyalgia but some type of arthropathy and / or herniated discs, but that does not work nor has anyone who attends it at home. They see him? It is very subjective and particular to each case.
But whatever the case, although the pain is somewhat difficult to manage, at least we are healthy in other areas of our body and we are not leaving this world. Even those of us who suffer from a certain degree of  cognitive deficit , we remain ourselves, we can think lucidly about the important things in life, we can hold a conversation with other people and maintain our identity as human beings intact. We are in the  here and  now . Our mind does not wander without control.
I mention all this because I recently saw the movie  Still Alice , which is about 50 years old woman who starts to suffer from  Alzheimer’s early start , which made me reflect on the quality of life of a person with Alzheimer’s versus quality life of a person with chronic pain conditions and / or central sensitization, and although I am aware that my opinions may annoy some people, however I would like to express them .
I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do. I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do. among other things. While it is true that I have a disability and I do not have the level of stress I had when I was working, I had different problems that daily accompany our lives, besides the fact that I have not much help at home.
However, when I saw this film I could not help thinking I’d rather be as I am, to have Alzheimer’s early start . I was impressed to see how much the person was so bright and intelligent, is completely vanished, as he was losing control of herself, to possibly even losing control of their own thoughts. It is terrible to think that something like this can happen to anyone, and I felt so  blessed because whatever they are my days, some more miserable than others, my mind is still mine and I keep  unharmed  andunchanged ;and even if I have to suffer terrible pain and spend the day in bed, from there I can talk about whatever you want, ask for what I need, say what I feel or ask for help, things we take for granted but which fall outside the scope of a person with an illness like that.
So we must never say “my condition is worse than yours, ” because although fibromyalgia is terrible and can become incapacitating, there will always be worse. And that’s why my blog is called ” Fibromyalgia is not the end of life “.

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